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Installing a Bio Septic Tank is an essential wastewater treatment and management option for isolated properties, or those unable to connect to the public sewer system.

Often, those in outlying ore remote areas are unable to connect to the public sewer system,. The solution to this is to install a Septic Tank system into the groundworks. Septic Tank Installation can be complex, and must take into account factors such as geology and ground conditions. At KDF Installations, we can offer a full range of bio septic tank design, installation and support services.

Septic Tank Conversion to New Regulations

In 2015 the Septic Tank regulations changed. These rules state that you are no longer allowed to discharge from septic tanks to a surface water/watercourse under the general binding rules. The Environment Agency have decided that the quality of the waste water is not considered clean enough and will have a detrimental effect on the environment as a whole.
Many home and business owners will be affected by the recent changes to the Septic Tank Regulations. We can help guide you through the process of meeting these requirements.
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