sewage treatment plant repairs

When sewers, drains or pipes have collapsed completely, it is not possible to use no-dig repair technology. Instead, we bring in our NRSWA-qualified (New Roads and Street Works Act) civils team.

They will excavate and replace the damaged sewer and reinstate the affected area to as near pre-work condition as possible – all with minimum disruption.

In some cases where a sewer requires repair but excavation or a full pipe reline would be excessive, we are able to patch or point repair instead. This involves installing a short liner in a precise section of the pipe. A packer is used to position the patch, and the packer inflated to push the liner against the wall of the pipe.

The patch is then cured using thermal or ambient temperature method and the packer deflated and removed. The patch repair is inspected using CCTV, and any lateral connections re-opened before recommissioning the pipe for normal use.

sewage repairs

At KDF Installations, we consider the health and safety of our staff, your workforce and the general public to be paramount. 

Our aim is always to guarantee safety across the board, no matter what we do.

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