sewage treatment plants and installation

Sewage treatment plants are generally accepted as the replacement for failing septic tanks in domestic properties. It is becoming more and more common for local councils to require increasing ecological standards from home septic systems.

Sewage treatment plants are favoured as they purify the waste thoroughly, eventually emitting almost clean water.

How do sewage treatment plants work?

A Sewage Treatment Plant consists of 3 main operations;

Within the tank;

  • Solid waste is broken down by bacteria and self-cleans.
  • The result is filtered into the liquid waste. 


  • Aeration is achieved by injecting compressed air into the liquid section, which generates bacteria.

  • This bacteria then works to clean the liquid effluent to almost drinking water standards – although this must not be ingested.

The cleanliness of the liquid sewage exiting the Sewage Treatment Plant has been approved by the Environment Agency to allow for dispersal into a running ditch, streams and lakes with flowing water, therefore providing an eco-friendly alternative to simply filtering raw sewage through the ground.

However, where any of these options are not available the clean effluent should go into a new drainage field and, in extreme cases a bore hole with the appropriate permit from the EA.

sewage treatment plants


What type of sewage treatment plant do I need?

The type of Sewage Treatment Plant needed for your property depends on a number of variables, size of property, how many occupants, domestic or commercial, availability of dispersal medium and most importantly cost.

At KDF Installations we manage the process of choice, making customer’s decisions as simple as possible. Our expert advisors usually visit prospective customers at no additional cost or obligation to explain what is appropriate, legal and suitable for the property’s ground conditions. We always recommend the best system for the task and individual circumstances and endeavour to offer a number of options covering the complete range of treatment plants – all type and cost variants will be explained to you.

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