soakaway systems and installation

Soakaway Systems are often used in rural areas where the local water company has not provided a storm or foul drain.

When it comes to domestic drainage systems, rain water should be excluded from the sewage tank as this can cause severe problems. During storms as it can lead to massive surges at the sewage tank. For this reason the only option is to construct or install a soakaway system.

A domestic soakaway plant will only be successful depending on the surrounding soil and ground suitability. In areas where clay or high water table are apparent it may not be successful for a soakaway to work. Ground tests (percolation tests) will be carried out initially to check suitability.

On some occasions a small pump chamber may be needed to pump the final effluent into the soakaway with non-return valve should there be limited options.

We can visit your premises and advise whether a soakaway system is an option to resolve any problems with discharge from the sewage system or advise if an alternative system would be more suitable.

What Is A French Drain?

Another option to consider for dispersing surface water is the installation of French drains. These work well on disposing of water on driveways, gardens, or surrounding your property. 

A French drain is simply a small trench, dug to a gradient, and filled with aggregate, that will allow surface water to drain away from your walls, a building, driveway, garden or area that is prone to surface water pooling, or is vulnerable to flash flooding.

An example is shown below:

french drain

soakaway 1


We install and carry out our own work by our own qualified staff.

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